Language Coaching

Language coaching is for any professional who wants to take their English language communication skills to the next level. Language coaching incorporates English language teaching, accent neutralization and cultural competencies all tailored to an individual's needs and professional responsibilities.

Accent Neutralization

If you are fluent in English but can't seem to "sound" like you are to colleagues, associates and/or clients, we can help neutralize your accent. We have honed our methodology so that you won't feel overwhelmed or inhibited from speaking.

Presentation Skills Development

There are many professionals who are expected to present at conferences, board meetings, to colleagues, and so on. But just how many of them have been trained on being an effective presenter? How many rely on overloaded PowerPoint presentations? How many only read from their slides? Let us help! We are here to coach you on how you can transform your presentations and captivate your audience.

Public Speaking Confidence

If your job responsibilities require you to speak in front of groups of people and you dread every interaction, we can help. Whether you are insecure about your language abilities, your accent, or your nerves take over, we will unlock the effective successful public speaker in you so that you can achieve your goals.

Cultural Competency Training

Business, education, and relationships are more international than ever before. Navigating multiple cultures within a single institution, school, or business can be a challenge for everyone. We provide tailored training on your needs and organizational objectives.

Intonation and Word Stress

Often the slightest adjustments in your intonation and word stress can have the greatest impact in how you are understood. If your command of English is excellent but you still feel there is progress to be made, this is the area for you. Over 90 percent of communication is non-verbal. Let us assist you in making those small but crucial changes.

E-mail and language

Email is a major part of every professional's life. Often we communicate more through email than we do face-to-face. This training will focus on what and how to write your emails and demonstrate how to optimize the language that would best serve your needs and your professional message.

Proofreading and Editing

Writing is a definitely a process. Often a successful document has been checked and edited several times before it is released to be read by your boss, your department, or even the public. Let us help make this process faster and easier for you.

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