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Online and in-person sessions are available. Contact us for any specific questions. Free, 15-minute consultations are offered via telephone or video.

Language Coaching

English language coaching is for any professional who wants to elevate their communication skills. Language coaching incorporates language teaching, cultural awareness, and job-specific influence by identifying and improving specific deficiencies to increase fluency and clarity. Every interaction is customized for successful outcomes in the shortest time required.

Accent Neutralization

If you are fluent in English but your accent affects the clarity of your communication, accent neutralization can help. No matter your first language, I can recognize the inconsistencies in intonation, word stress, and vowel pronunciation of your spoken English. We will work together on exercises that will lessen their impact and increase comprehensibility.  

Presentation Skills Development

For many, speaking in front of groups can feel daunting, nerve-wracking, and intimidating. For those who speak English as a second (or third or fourth) language, it can feel terrifying. The best antidote is preparation. I can work with you to identify areas of improvement, coach you on the "how", and ultimately deliver a presentation worthy of your audience's attention.

Cultural Competencies Training

Business, education, and relationships are more international than ever before. Navigating multiple cultures within a single institution, school, or business can be an overwhelming challenge for everyone. I provide tailored cultural training and communication tools designed for your needs and organizational goals.

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