Webtawks™ Founder: Kristen M. Gagné

Webtawks™ creates in-person English language coaching sessions, group-focused English language seminars, and cultural training workshops tailored to the needs of your organization.


We want to work with companies who:

  1. Value a diverse workforce

  2. Are interested in creating a cultural environment of acceptance, awareness, and inclusivity within their organizations

  3. Commit time and resources to the development and growth of their employees and executives

  4. Recognize the professional need for English language fluency and effective communication skills 


We create corporate English language programs and develop individual communication plans within organizations based on the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of each person's job and language needs. All webtawks are task-based and industry-specific.

And when you aren't in the office, we offer online and mobile options for flexibility and convenience.


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Kristen M. Gagné, a university graduate in Teaching English as a Second Language, has over 12 years of experience in business and language program development. She has worked with professionals and students from over 50 countries. She has a wealth of English language consulting experience in evaluation and assessment, curriculum development, and corporate ESL program design. She has collaborated with professionals in the industries of biomedical research, information technology, human resources, non-profit program management, higher education, and law to further their English language skills development and advance their careers.

From refugee children to CEOs in the global market, Kristen is committed to connecting the globe through coaching comprehensive communication.

Our Coaching Method

Our language coaching focuses on:

1. Language teaching: addressing improvement within English to include grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

2. Accent neutralization: addressing pronunciation to include word stress, sentence stress, and intonation. 

3. Cultural Competencies: addressing cultural awareness and training for life and work in the U.S. 

In a corporate setting, effective language coaching must utilize a task-based, industry-specific methodology. Employers will recognize and benefit from every session their employees attend with noticeable, meaningful and successful outcomes.