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Kristen M. Gagné


My name is Kristen Gagné and I am the founder and language coach for Webtawks Language Coaching and Consulting. I have been enthusiastically involved with English as a Second Language since I graduated from university in 2005. I have a Bachelor's in Teaching English as a Second Language and a Master's in Organizational Leadership. I have coached and worked alongside professionals from over 70 countries in industries such as journalism, biomedical science, economics, information technology, medicine, and law. 

My philosophy as a language coach involves three areas.

1. Defining achievable goals.

I identify specific goals for each individual for each session. There is no "one size fits all" in language coaching. Clients will have noticeable improvement after every interaction.


2. Prioritizing communication barriers.

I learn what is truly hindering desired language fluency. Often they are simple fixes that yield significant improvements. 

3. Connecting to the culture.

Language is inextricably linked to culture; therefore, language coaching in American culture involves understanding and expressing ourselves through practiced observation of others. In doing so, one's communication will be more authentic.



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