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English language communication skills for any corporate environment.


About Webtawks™
Webtawks Founder, Kristen M. Gagné

We offer in-person language coaching workshops and training seminars customized to the needs of your organization.


For when you're not in the office, Webtawks™ has online and mobile options available.


Kristen M. Gagné, a graduate in Teaching English as a Second Language, has over 12 years of experience in business and language program development. 

  • Language Coaching

  • Accent Neutralization

  • Cultural Competency Training

  • ​Presentation Skills Development

  • ​Public Speaking and Confidence

  • ​Proofreading and Editing

  • Intonation and Word Stress

  • E-mail and Language​​​ Etiquette

Webtawks Coaching

In a corporate setting, effective language coaching needs to utilize a task-based, industry-specific model to achieve maximum success.

Our language coaching method focuses on:

    1. Language teaching

    2. Accent neutralization

    3. Cultural Competencies

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