What is Webtawks?

Webtawks is executive English language coaching delivered in-person at your place of business or online through our own video platform. We are B2B and contract with organizations (businesses, universities, etc.) that are interested in an effective approach to executive language coaching. We create corporate English language programs and develop an individual communication plan for every client within an organization based on the roles, responsibilities and expectations of that person's job and language needs.

Who uses Webtawks?

More and more companies are growing internationally and English is still the language for international business. It can be complicated navigating multiple languages within an organization. Webtawks is for businesses that want to improve English language fluency within their organizations by supporting skills development of their executives and employees.

Why use Webtawks? What are the benefits?

It is no secret that English is the global language of business. For companies, finding ways to create and implement English language programs that employees find useful, that they want to use, and that create successful outcomes has been challenging. Webtawks is here to assist. We will support you from program creation through implementation and consistent evaluation. The benefits are numerous for both the employees and the businesses. Please read more about what English language fluency can do for your business.

Why is Webtawks “language coaching” or "language consulting"? Why isn't it just called “language learning” or “language training”? Is there a difference?

Language coaching combines the areas of language teaching, accent reduction and cultural competencies (including soft skills when applicable) along with a task-based, industry-specific experience. It's a total communication package!

Who are the coaches and consultants for Webtawks?

Our coaches and consultants are all first language English speakers, qualified language instructors, and professionals in one or more industries. They are a unique group of individuals, who not only bring expertise in the English language, but also the culture and business acumen of a client's professional industry.

What language coaching services do you offer?

The short answer, anything you need! Some examples include presentation skills enrichment, accent reduction, webinar instruction, teleconference communication skills, speech delivery, classroom lecture delivery, vocabulary development, and so much more. By assessing the needs and wants of the employer and then individual employees, by discovering the tasks of the client's job and those expectations, our coaches can then develop a tailored plan for each person.

How do I get started?

Just contact us to get started. A representative will connect with you to learn more about your organization and your communication needs.

Do I need a separate contract for every person in the organization?

There will be one contract per company registration. Those webtawks can then be utilized by anyone the employer designates. Each individual will have his or her own tailored plan to maintain individual development. The employer can request an individual's progress and reports at anytime.

My business information is confidential. What do you do to ensure privacy?

We understand that in order to assist with your lagnuage needs we will be exposed to your current business practices and information. We take every precaution to ensure that webtawks, documents, video, etc. are kept at the strictest level of confidentiality. Please contact us for any specific questions or concerns.

How much does Webtawks Coaching and Consulting cost?

Please contact us so we can learn more about your organization and your needs. We will then tailor a plan and submit a proposal for you to review. We appreciate your confidence and look forward to helping your organization achieve your communication goals!